Schedule is not complete yet

We're still selecting talks and speakers for SymfonyWorld Online 2020. The following list only shows the already confirmed talks. Come back in a few days to see the full schedule.

Better Console Applications

Christopher Hertel

Console applications - whether part of a larger (Symfony-)application or standalone-tool - usually are the bash-script of PHP developers. Thereby one often leaves the path of clean code and hacks a very pragmatic solution. Despite the fact that a lot of these fast solutions remain in project and need to be maintained for longer. What to reason about while developing a console application and which simple tricks help to clean up your code, is shown by examples in this talk. How do I decouple my code from CLI runtime, how do I optimize long running processes and so on.

PHP + Minecraft

Thomas Berends

Minecraft is extremely popular, but what happens when we combine it with PHP & Symfony? This talk is an adventure in using PHP for things outside of your comfort zone.

At the start, it seems that these do not work together at all. By reading files we can get information about what happens in Minecraft, from logs to the complete world. However, it gets truly interesting when we can change things in the world with PHP. This opens a lot of possibilities we will explore in this talk.

This talk requires no knowledge of Minecraft.

Elasticsearch with Symfony, from development to production

Damien Alexandre

Search is at the core of many standard application, but building and deploying a full-text search engine is not trivial. One of your options is to implement Elasticsearch and in this talk I will show you the path, from development to production. We will also leverage the new Symfony HttpClient to communicate with the cluster more efficiently!

Symfony meets Cypress - E2E testing for symfony developers

Ramona Schwering

When it comes to UI testing, some developers tend to be reluctant a lot. Are those tests slow, flaky, hard to write and maintain? (or Cypress for short) is currently getting a lot of attention when it comes to end-to-end testing. Especially in JavaScript environments seems to be slowly gaining acceptance. However, it plays to its strengths in Symfony applications as well: It does a lot of things right and is preferable to selenium-based approaches in my opinion.

In my session, I want to introduce Cypress to you and explore its possibilities by writing first tests for the SymfonyCon website - so that we can overcome those concerns together.