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As the creator of Symfony, SensioLabs supports companies and startups using Symfony, with a large range of solutions such as consultancy, expertise, services, training, and technical assistance to ensure the success of web application development projects. SensioLabs boasts over 100 employees and consultants, and operates in 20 countries through its extensive network of more than 50 partners.

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Blackfire.io empowers PHP developers to continuously verify and improve their app’s performance in development, testing, staging and production. It makes it possible to drill down to function/method call level to understand and fix performance bottlenecks. Its wide variety of automation options makes it a breathe to add it to a development and testing workflow. The Blackfire Player, a powerful Open Source Web Crawling, Web Testier, and Web Scraper enables teams to setup a fully automated testing pipeline.


Platform.sh enables you to host Symfony applications using Git and Composer to manage a fully orchestrated development and deployment workflow. Developers have a full copy of the application for every Git branch, including exact replicas of production data and infrastructure. It's fast, so you can deploy a new testing environment in just a minute or two, without relying on any help from SysOps.

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At roadsurfer, Europe's biggest outdoor travel expert, our development teams use PHP, Symfony, Vue.js, Kubernetes, and other technologies to build our internal software platform and new applications and services to help our customers get the most from roadsurfer products - whether renting a campervan, booking a private camping spot, or buying a campervan.

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At JetBrains, we create tools to help developers reach new levels of performance. PhpStorm is a PHP IDE that actually ‘gets’ your code: it supports PHP 5.3-8.1 and has on-the-fly error prevention, code completion, refactorings, database tools, and extensive support for all front-end technologies. PhpStorm is fully equipped for Symfony development, with support for Doctrine ORM and Twig templates.


BindHQ is a high-growth insurtech startup with a vision to streamline the experience of insurance distribution through smarter software. Our cloud-based, dockerized, continuously deployed application is built on Symfony and makes heavy use of automated testing. We are hiring for our fully remote team, details are on our website!

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Les-Tilleuls.coop is a French tech worker-owned cooperative. As creators of API Platform, Mercure.rocks and top contributors to lots of projects such as Symfony, we're helping more than 60 partners with their various ambitions (e-commerce solutions, rich applications, training, consulting…). We're hiring developers, coaches, trainers, architects in PHP, JavaScript or Devops. You have strong human values, want to join a social project and improve your skills in modern apps? Contact us!