Saturday, December 9: the Hackday to smoothly conclude SymfonyCon Brussels 2023!

A hackathon is an event where we get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project. As we spend a significant amount of time online, commenting and reviewing each other's contributions, the hackday presents a unique opportunity to connect in person and strengthen the bonds within our community.
Everyone is welcome to join the hackday! Whether you're an experienced contributor or new to the community, your participation is highly valued as it brings a fresh perspective!

We have set the following goals for our hackathon:
  • Add support for Symfony 7 to third-party bundles and libraries
  • Strengthen the security of the codebase;
  • Reduce the number of open issues and pull requests for Symfony;
  • Write and improve documentation;
  • Work towards improving the diversity of the community;
  • Enhance continuous integration through end-to-end tests and additional providers.

This hack day will also focus on teaching you how to contribute. Of course we'll have the usual food, drinks and a lot of fun!

Save the date! Saturday, December 9th from 09.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. CET

Location: The hackathon will be hosted at Smile Benelux. Address: Avenue de Broqueville 12, 1150 Brussels.