Hands-on with LiveComponents, AssetMapper, Turbo & Stimulus

Avatar of Ryan Weaver Ryan Weaver

Symfony UX is celebrating its 3 (!) year anniversary! And a lot has changed. Gone are the days of needing a big build system... or a ton of complex custom JavaScript to get that single-page-app experience. LAST stack - LiveComponents, AssetMapper, Stimulus and Turbo - offers an alternative that makes writing frontend code fun & productive again.

In this talk, we'll walk through the experience of building a modern web app with LAST stack. We'll see the latest changes to AssetMapper in 6.4 and see a bunch of real-world examples: building dynamic forms with zero JavaScript, modals, dynamic tables and more. Most importantly: we'll do this fast and *love* the experience.

Delivered in English
Symfony room, SensioLabs room, Platform.sh room

Friday, December 8, 2023 at 16:20 PM – 16:55 PM