Need to search through your data? Heard about Meilisearch?

Avatar of Guillaume Loulier Guillaume Loulier

In the current world that we lives in, data is everything, from « big data » to health, from cars to planes and from cities to companies, our data have becomes one of the most important part of our daily life and for us, as developers, part of your daily job.

If you’ve already played with huge volumes of data, you might have heard of Elasticsearch and many others, each one built with pros and cons and with specific goals in mind, thing is, what if we can continue to play with our data but in a more « memory efficient » and faster approach? 

What if we can ingest, search, filter and return data without worrying about using Java, consuming a lot of resources and/or booting a heavy stack? 

Well, let me introduce MeiliSearch, a Rust-based search engine along with its integration in PHP / Symfony, in this talk, we’ll discuss what is MeiliSearch, how to use it and how to search through our data to extract the most of it, ready? Let’s search!

Delivered in English
SensioLabs room

Friday, December 8, 2023 at 10:05 AM – 10:40 AM