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SensioLabs is the creator of the Open-Source framework Symfony, which has become a global reference in web development. SensioLabs supports companies with an offering encompassing consultancy, expertise, services, training, and support tailored to enhance developers' effectiveness and ensure the success of web application development projects.


The PaaS that removes the complexities of cloud infrastructure management and optimizes development-to-production workflows, Platform.sh reduces the time it takes to build and deploy applications. Delivering efficiency, reliability, and security, Platform.sh gives development teams both control and peace of mind.

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Les-Tilleuls.coop is a worker cooperative and a team of 70+ Symfony, PHP, JavaScript and Cloud technologies, ready to help you design, develop, and fix your web applications, APIs, and mobile apps. We provide a wide range of professional services including development, consulting, coaching, training and audits. If you're seeking a top-tier web development agency known for delivering consistently high-quality products, then we are the perfect choice for your needs!


Symfony is the foundation on which Shopware, an MIT-licensed e-commerce platform, is built upon. We are proud to support the SymfonyCon Brussels 2023! Visit us at developer.shopware.com and learn how you can apply your Symfony knowledge to be successful as a developer in the e-commerce sector. Meanwhile, find a great community to welcome you!

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Ibexa is a composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that helps companies in their digital transformation. Ibexa DXP offers content creation, website building, self-service portals, e-commerce, PIM, and personalization in an all-in-one scalable solution with accelerated development capabilities. With the help of our certified partners, B2B, B2B2C and B2C companies can progress their digital transformation in a proven, phased process. Ibexa DXP is trusted by brands such as Abus, Crédit Agricole, DELABIE, Essilor, Groupe Atlantic and Swissport. Founded in 1999 and part of the QNTM Group, Ibexa has headquarters in Norway and offices across Europe.

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We are Smile, a European Digital Service company, leader in Open-Source. Our 2000+ creative colleagues create performant digital experiences, which combine operational excellence and sustainable commitment. Driven by Open-Source, the alliance of SensioLabs (creator of Symfony) and Smile enables to push Symfony forward. Together, we intend to boost Symfony's success story with new and exciting opportunities for the community and our customers throughout Europe!

Commerce Weavers

Commerce Weavers is an agency owned by the longest-active (since 2014!) maintainers of Sylius - the only e-commerce framework fully based on Symfony. Apart from the development of complex systems based on Sylius, Symfony, and API Platform, they specialize in training and consulting developers using these technologies. You should also know them as speakers at multiple events in our ecosystem.

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JoliCode is a specialized agency in high-quality creation of Web & mobile projects. We support our customers with technical consulting, development, training, expertise, and audits. Our team of experts works in all functional and business sectors. We are delighted to sponsor Symfony events, a framework to which we regularly contribute!


PhpStorm by JetBrains is an out-of-the box PHP IDE that genuinely understands your code. It provides support for JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS, on-the-fly error prevention, high-quality autocompletion and code refactoring, and zero configuration debugging. PhpStorm is perfect for working with Symfony providing coding assistance and navigation facilities for developing Symfony applications.


At Darkwood we like Computer 💻 and Internet 🌎, two technologies that bring knowledge 💡 and creation 🚀 for relatively no cost 💶 or energy ⚡️. What we can contribute is about exploring Tiny Design Mechanics ⚙️ as Processing, Generating, Rendering, Filtering, Solving things that are more relevant to Web 🌐, Music 🎛 and Games 🎮.

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Simply the Best PHP & Symfony Tutorials and the official way to learn Symfony. We make learning Symfony easier with clickable script, code downloads, multi-language video captions, bad jokes, code blocks & challenges.

Private Packagist

Private Packagist is a Composer repository for your private packages and dependencies. Mirroring protects your dependencies from being tampered with, security monitoring and update review help protect you from vulnerable software.