SymfonyLive New York 2014

October 7 – 10, 2014 • New York (United States)

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Watch the talks in video

Videos are available for attendees and SymfonyCasts subscribers soon after the conference ends.

Rock Solid Deployment of Symfony Apps

Pablo Godel

Dockerize your Symfony application

Andre Rømcke

The view from inside

Kris Wallsmith

Symfony and the API Gateway

Brent Shaffer

Developing Beautiful, Measurable Software

Jeremy Mikola

Still on Symfony - What have we learned

Baldur Rensch

The Twelve-Factor App: Best Practices for PHP on Platforms-as-a-Service

David Zuelke

Building Performance: From Symfony to Drupal 8 (and Back)

James Meickle

RESTing with Symfony

Lukas Kahwe Smith

Async PHP with React

Jeremy Mikola

Solving the Hard Parts of eCommerce

Ryan Szrama

A Decoupled Drupal with Silex

Larry Garfield

Symfony Grows Up: The Developer Experience (DX) Initiative

Ryan Weaver


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