SymfonyCon Cluj 2017

November 16 – 17, 2017 • Cluj (Romania)

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Watch the talks in video

Videos are available for attendees and SymfonyCasts subscribers soon after the conference ends.

Optimizing for PHP 7 - the example of Symfony

julien pauli

Keep calm and update your Symfony app!

Caliman Alin Adrian

Decoupling an application with message queues

David Buchmann

Event Sourcing: The good, the bad and the complicated

Marco Pivetta

From Legacy to Symfony

Sebastian Grodzicki

Workflow in real life

Artem Dekhtyar

Neo4j + PHP = <3

Michelle Sanver

What we learned by merging two big Symfony based applications

Ivo Lukač

Building your translation process

Tobias Nyholm

A Journey from Hexagonal Architecture to Event Sourcing

Carlos Buenosvinos

Building a cloud-friendly application

Larry Garfield

Trend analysis and machine learning in PHP

Michael Cullum

A GraphQL API: from hype to production

Aurélien David

Discovering and solving performance issues

Denis Brumann

Making the most out of Symfony Forms

Mihai Nica

Lessons learned building the Composer internals

Jordi Boggiano

PHP 7 and beyond: 7.2+

Sara Golemon

Webpack Encore - Pro JavaScript and CSS for Everyone

Ryan Weaver

Mastering regex incantations

Tomasz Kowalczyk

API Platform and Symfony

Kévin Dunglas

Auditing Symfony apps

Palko Lenard

Dependency Injection Component v4.0

Nicolas Grekas

Building an Open-Source Campaign Platform for the new President of France

Hugo Hamon

Symfony at OpenSky

Pablo Godel

Doctrine Performance Optimization

Anna Filina

A year of Symfony

Sarah Khalil


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