SymfonyLive Berlin 2023

5. – 6. Oktober 2023 • Berlin (Deutschland)

Share your best practices, experience and knowledge with Symfony.

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SymfonyLive kehrt 2023 nach Berlin zurück!

Wir sehen uns vom 3. bis 6. Oktober bei der SymfonyLive Berlin, dem deutschsprachigen Symfony-Event! Hier ist die Agenda für die Veranstaltung :

  • 3.-4. Oktober 2023: Zwei Tage Pre-Conference Training in Berlin.
  • 5.-6. Oktober 2023: zweitägige Konferenz im CineStar Berlin - CUBIX Alexanderplatz.

Wir freuen uns darauf, dich bei SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 zu sehen und zu treffen!

Das Symfony-Team

Who should attend?

Symfony Developers All levels of experience and knowledge welcome
Symfony Newcomers To learn about Symfony, and how it will positively impact their everyday life
PHP developers Eager to widen their knowledge on frameworks, best practices and quality PHP development
Drupal developers Looking to learn more about the Symfony components used internally by Drupal
IT Professionals Development managers, devOps and other professionals with an interest in learning more about Symfony

5 reasons to come to the conference

  • Meet in real-life the people from the Symfony community you’re working with / talking to online the rest of the year
  • Network with the community
  • Discover the latest news about Symfony in prime time
  • Ask all the questions you have about Symfony/PHP to the Symfony Core Team
  • Have fun in a inclusive and friendly environment in a bright city!

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