Is SOLID dead? Let's discuss reusable software design

Avatar of Łukasz Chruściel Łukasz Chruściel

In his publication describing CUPID principles, Dan North begins with the question, "If I do not think the SOLID principles are useful these days, then what would I replace them with?". This got me thinking about what I think of SOLID and how I look at it. In my presentation, I would like to break down this acronym into its components, test its usefulness with examples (based on a Symfony-based app), and consider what we can take from it. I will also try to answer the question posed in the title of the presentation.

Delivered in English
The SensioLabs room

Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 09:50 AM – 10:25 AM

Advanced talk, in-depth exploration of the topic.