Taming the Forking Beast: Refactoring Monolithic Projects

Avatar of Marine Gandy Marine Gandy

Once upon a time, great people created a great Symfony demo, to be used as a living code example and help us all learn: Bigfoot.

Since then, the DevRel team at Platform.sh has forked this repo and created a really fun escape game to showcase Blackfire. And we thought it would be good to have a dedicated frontend for our game, instead of reusing the Bigfoot design.

So we forked it to create an instance for Django. And then we forked it again to make an instance for Drupal. And then another fork, and another.

Slowly, we realized that the way forward was to refactor our dear monolith to better fit our needs. Let me show you how we stopped forking around!

Delivered in English
The SensioLabs room

Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 14:45 PM – 15:20 PM

Introductory talk, no prior knowledge needed.