SymfonyCon Paris 2015

December 3 – 5, 2015 • Paris (France)

Watch the talks in video

Videos are available for attendees and SymfonyCasts subscribers soon after the conference ends.

10 years of Symfony

Fabien Potencier

When E-commerce meets Symfony

Marc Morera

Move Fast, Break Less: From DevOps to NoOps with

Fred Plais

Continuous delivery, testing in prod, autoscaling and business workflows for a SF app in the Cloud

Benjamin Talmard

Rethinking Extension Development for PHP and HHVM

Jeremy Mikola

How Symfony Components boost the next generation of TYPO3

Benni Mack

A Journey Down the Open Road

Yoav Kutner

Guard Authentication: Powerful, Beautiful Security

Ryan Weaver

20M users in 19 countries with Symfony2.

Olivier Dolbeau

Breaking Boundaries with FastCGI

Andrew Carter - A Symfony project like no other

Tugdual Saunier

Comparing Symfony2 perfs in PHP7 migration

julien pauli

"Perfect" caching with FOSHttpCache

Andre Rømcke

Symfony: Your next Microframework

Ryan Weaver


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