Road to safer applications

Avatar of Florent Morselli Florent Morselli

This workshop aims to learn how to best use all the features offered by Symfony and its ecosystem to effectively protect our web applications.

It will teach you how the internal mechanisms of the security component and bundle and how to modify the behavior and requirements of the authentication process.
You will also set up other means of authentication than just the username/password pair.

Agenda overview:
* Preview of the sandbox we will be using
* Best practices for authentication processes
* Sandbox improvements
* Multi-factor authentication
* Management of sessions and remember me cookies
* Logging and monitoring
* HTTPS client authentication
* Access tokens
* WebAuthn
* Frontend

* You should feel comfortable around a basic Symfony application (controllers, routes, templates...)
* Deeper knowledge of the dependency injection and event dispatching systems can help, but will not be mandatory.

1-day Workshop (7 hours)
Delivered in English
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Starts at 8:00 AM
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